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The most common misconception about introverts

When I ask people to describe an introvert, they respond with adjectives like: Shy Antisocial Quiet  Timid While it's possible for some introverts to embody the above characteristics, it doesn't describe all of us. I'm fact, introversion has little -- if anything -- to do with a person's personality. It's more about how they're wired. Introverts draw energy from within. We're essentially powered by: Solitude Solitary pursuits Being left alone with our thoughts  That being said, we don't necessarily leave parties early or skip them altogether because we loathe people.  We do it because, after a tiring day or week, it's the only way we can recharge our batteries.  Actors/actresses like Steve Martin and Meryl Streep are confirmed introverts. Given their profession, do you think they detest interacting with people? If that were true, I'm sure they'd have quit long ago. Large crowds and noisy environments are especially draining for us -- thus the

Something that differentiates introverts from others

Would you describe yourself as an early riser or a night owl? If it's the latter, you're most likely an introvert -- or at least you identify with them on this front. Indeed, I've yet to meet an introvert who doesn't go to sleep late at night.  As I've gotten older, this habit has regulated a bit. But I've never been one to call it a night at 9 p.m. like some of my friends do. So what exactly drives introverts to be nocturnal beings? For starters, introverts love their solitude -- it's how they recharge. And what better time to do it than when everyone else is catching some Z's? Nothing spells peace and quiet like total darkness (or dim lighting) accompanied by the sounds of nature or air conditioning.  Then again, there are times when I like listening to music at these late hours. The chances of being interrupted by someone or something are slim to nil.  Some find it odd that I happen to enjoy reading while listening to music. The tunes far from distrac